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Awarded Metro TOP 50 Cafes 2011

Waffles + Gelato Served Fresh Daily

Warning : ) Smiles might be contagious

All Day Breakfast

7.30AM - 5.00PM

Where Everyone Is A Royal

And the freshly roasted coffee is fit for the Queen

The Original Ben Gusto

"Drawing from the italian “buon gusto” meaning “good taste" comes Ben Gusto. A blend of good taste, eclectic style and the beach thrown in for good measure. No better way to sip your flat white, catch up on the news & soak in the laid back beachside."

Established in 2008, Ben Gusto Cafe has been a local icon. This relaxed, ambient space is warm, inviting, casual and producing quality meals at a reasonable price. Situated on Browns Bay Beach, over looking Rangitoto Island, Ben Gusto is perfectly situated to enjoy breakfast or lunch with friends and family. 

As a venue we can accommodate  groups of all sizes for any occasion, be it that Special Birthday, Graduation, Business Breakfast meetings, Mothers & Fathers day – or just an excuse to get together. Depending on the the time of day and size of group, there are multiple options available.

A hit with mums & bubs, coffee groups find the playground by the beach a great way to burn out those waffles & gelato.

Treat yourself to a wide range of menu options from the expected to the unexpected! Couple this with exceptional service and a wonderfully relaxing beach and you have an experience to remember.



7.30 AM – 5.00 PM





Toasted Muesli $9.90
Home-made muesli with fresh fruit, honey and yoghurt

Eggs any style on Toast $9.90
Two eggs cooked the way you like it, then served with grilled, tomato & your choice of 5 grain, ciabatta or gluten free toast

Bacon & Eggs any style $12.90
Bacon, two eggs cooked the way you like it, then served with grilled tomato & your choice of 5 grain, ciabatta or gluten free toast

Eggs Benedict
On English breakfast muffin Bacon, hash browns & sautéed spinach  | $15.90            
Smoked Salmon with fresh baby spinach | $16.90
Vegetarian with avocado, tomato, mushrooms & sautéed spinach $14.90

Omelette $15.90
Ask our waiter/waitress for today’s special

French Toast $17.90
Thick sliced ciabatta bread served with streaky bacon & caramelized banana topped with maple syrup

Creamy Mushrooms $16.90
Sauteed button mushrooms cooked in a creamy marsala sauce with bacon & hash browns on toasted ciabatta

Mince on Focaccia $13.90
Prime beef mince on focaccia with a poached egg

Sweet Corn Fritters $16.90
Two sweet corn & ricotta fritters served with bacon, avocado, salsa, sour cream & salad greens

Bagel Stack
Bagel & Preserves  | $6.90
Smoked salmon with capers, avocado, tomato,cream cheese, pesto & salad greens | $15.90

Beans & Bacon $17.90
Baked beans on a toasted bagel with hash browns, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, chorizo sausages, topped with 1 poached egg & hollandaise sauce

Big Breakfast $18.90
Bacon, chorizo sausages, eggs any style, grilled tomato, mushrooms & hash browns on 5 grain toast

Country Big Breakfast $21.90
Pan fried prime scotch fillet, chorizo sausages, bacon, hash browns & creamy mushrooms served with 5 grain toast


Soup of the Day $9.90
Ask for the Day’s Special

Fish & Chips $16.90
Beer battered terakihi served with salad greens, fresh lemon, home-made tartar sauce & fries

Chicken Burger $18.90
Tender grilled chicken breast, bacon, brie cheese, tomato, salad greens, avocado, aioli, onion jam & fries

Beef Burger $18.90
Prime home-made beef patty, bacon, tasty cheese, avocado, aioli, tomato, tomato relish & fries

B.L.A.T. $14.90
Bacon, salad greens, avocado & tomato on Turkish focaccia toast with home-made tomato chutney & fries
Add chicken | $17.90

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch."

− Orson Welles −

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook."

− Julia Child −

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

− George Bernard Shaw −

Chicken Teriyaki $17.90
Grilled chicken breast with teriyaki glaze on a bed of steamed rice served with salad greens

Open Beef Sandwich $18.90
Teriyaki marinated beef, mushrooms & onions on Turkish focaccia served with roasted potatoes

Chicken Lasagne $16.90
Marinated chicken with field nushrooms, roast vegetables & ricotta cheese topped with Italian tomato relish

Crispy Crumbed Calamari $17.50
Crumbed salt & pepper calamari served with salad greens, roast capsicum, lemon & chilli basil aioli dressing

Chicken Melt $16.90
Grilled chicken breast, roast vegetables with salad greens & fries

Scotch fillet $23.90
Pan fried scotch fillet topped with a creamy mushroom sauce served with salad greens & fries
Home-style wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli | $7.90
Add bacon & cheese | $13.90

Pasta of the Day starting at $16.90
Ask for the Day’s Special


Short Black $3.00
Double shot with rich golden cream

Long Black $3.50
Double shot served with hot water on the side

Americano $3.50
Single shot over a large cup of hot water emulating the softer flavour of filter coffee

Flat White  Small $3.80 | Regular  $4.30
Double shot espresso textured with velvet milk

Cappuccino Small $3.80 | Regular $4.30
Double shot espresso crowned with textured lush foam with chocolate or cinnamon on top

Latte Glass  $4.20 |  Bowl  $4.50
Double shot textured with lush velvet milk

Mochaccino  Glass $4.20 |  Bowl $5.00
Double shot blended with Belgian hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate  Glass $4.00 | Bowl $4.50
Rich Belgian chocolate blended with lush velvet milk

Chai Latte  Glass $4.00 | Bowl $4.50
Choose from Monin sweet chai or Phoenix organic spicy chai

Vienna $4.50
A double shot espresso in a large glass of hot water with whipped cream

Affagato Glass $5.00
A scoop of vanilla gelato with a shot of hot espresso

Tea $3.50
English Breakfast or Earl Grey

Herbal Tea $4.00
Ask for our selection

Extras 60c
Extra shotSoy Milk | Decaf
Flavoured shot to go with your coffee 
(Vanilla, hazelnut, caramel or white chocolate)

Iced Chocolate/Coffee/Mocha $5.50

Smoothies $6.00
Mixed berries, banana, mango or feijoa

Old fashioned Ice Cream Soda $6.00
Your choice of soft drink poured over vanilla ice-cream

Milkshake $4.50
Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lime, banana or strawberry Extra thick 1.00

Gelato Shake $6.50
Choose from our in-store Gelato selection


Chicken & Mango Salad $17.90
Smoked chicken, avocado, red onion, salad greens & a mango dressing topped with crispy noodles

Smoked Salmon Salad $15.90
Tasmanian smoked salmon with avocado, capers, Cucumber & red onions topped with French dressing

Moroccan Lamb Salad $18.90
Sliced Moroccan lamb with cos lettuce, gherkins, olives, roast capsicum, roast egg plant & basil aioli


Preserves (jam, butter & lemon curd) $3.00
2 Eggs any style $4.00
Bacon or smoked salmon $4.00
Mushrooms/avocado/roast tomato $3.00
Cheese & Bacon Chorizo Sausages $3.50
Hash Browns $3.00
Baked Beans $5.00
Mixed green salad $6.50
Fries with aioli $5.50
Curly fries with aioli $5.50


Bacon & scrambled eggs on toast $8.90
French toast with bacon & caramelised Banana $10.50
Mini hot dogs & chips $8.90
Chicken nuggets & chips $8.90
Fish bites & chips $8.90
Chicken burger & chips $10.50
Chicken fettuccini $12.50


All waffles are served with maple syrup & whipped cream

Belgian Waffle $9.90
Original waffle topped with maple syrup & whipped cream

Waffle & Gelato $13.90
Make your own waffle by choosing any two flavours of gelato

Double Chocolate $13.90
Double scoop of chocolate gelato with various chocolate toppings 

Berry Berry $13.90
Double scoop of berry sorbet dressed with berry compote

Banana Walnut $13.90
Topped with fresh banana slices, walnut &  a scoop of vanilla gelato
Topped with caramelised banana & crispy bacon

Seasonal Fruit $15.90
Topped with fresh seasonal fruit & berry compote

Giant Alligator $19.90
Two waffles topped with four flavours of gelato & various toppings 

Scoop of gelato  | $3.00
Caramelized banana  | $3.00
Waffle  | $7.00
Bacon  | $5.00





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